Day 17, 18, and 19, 30 For 30 Remix | Style

It was a busy weekend with my family in town, so I am posting my outfits all in one post tonight!  First of all the people have spoken, and it looks like you all want me to wear my Frye Boots.  So I will….

Day 17:

What I wore: Jeans (Old Navy), Shirt (Target), Scarf (Handmade), Frye Boots (Nordstrom)

Day 18:  I didn’t even get a picture today.  The day was so busy.

Day 19:

What I wore:  Jeggings and sweater (NY & Co), Scarf (Handmade) Hunter Boots (Nordstrom)



2 thoughts on “Day 17, 18, and 19, 30 For 30 Remix | Style

  1. Kara, you look so pretty…I love the bright colors and the scarves…I hardly ever wear scarves (unless I am out in the snow) I need to get some bright tops & sweaters, I tend to wear the earthtones most of the time. I am glad you decided to wear your “new boots”.

    • Oh thank you Carol, you are sweet. I normally only wear earth tones too, but made myself throw in some color. I am trying to add some more color to my closet…

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