DIY Mercury Glass

I have been loving the look of mercury glass lately.

These images are from Pottery Barn.  They have quite the variety of mercury glass.  You may remember I made an ornament that resembles mercury glass.

I decided to make a few glass vases to put in the guest bedroom.  This is so easy, and you only need 2 items to create a mercury glass look.

Metallic spray paint and water in a spray bottle.  You can also see my glass vases in the back.  This will work on anything glass.  I would like to do some glass lamps at some point.

All you do is spray the glass all over with water.  Immediately paint a coat right over the water, covering the entire vase.  (I couldn’t get a picture of this step).  I did one at a time.  This took all of 2 minutes to complete.

Let dry and repeat the process depending on how it looks.  I didn’t need to repeat the steps.

And here they are in the guest bedroom.

You can see how the water gives it the antiqued look.  It obviously isn’t an exact replica of the mercury glass above, but I love the look and love how a small addition such as the glass vases can add to the decor of a room.  Again, this project took all of 2 minutes to complete (not counting the drying time…).

So, are you a fan of the mercury glass look?


17 thoughts on “DIY Mercury Glass

  1. That is super awesome! I have a LOT of mason jars and just junk window glass laying around, so I have been looking for some things to do with them. I will definitely be this! Thanks!

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  3. this looks easy smeasy! how durable is the finish? for example, if it gets a banged up (gently of course) against something will the finish chip off? peel?

    • I haven’t had any issues with it peeling or chipping…the coat I applied was pretty thin which I think would help with that. Plus, you want it to look antique, so a chip here and there may not hurt…

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