Leather Cuff, 3 Ways

I have been loving the leather cuff bracelets you see everywhere.

(Vivienne Westwood)


(Zappos Couture)

I decided to make my own out of an old belt.  This was really simple.

First I cut my belt to fit the size I wanted my cuff.  (I just wrapped it around my wrist, made the cut).

I was able to get 4 cuffs out of the belt.

You can see the first one I made…i just used Velcro I had in my craft bag to secure this.

I was also able to use the buckle for one of the cuffs.  You know, like Michael Kors did in the pic above.

For the next one I just used Kevin’s H brand, you may remember it from this post where we branded anything we could.

And again, just secured it with Velcro dots.

I had enough left for one more cuff, but I really thought 3 was enough…but if I decide to make another one I will be sure to share.  Maybe I will make one and give it away to someone who lets me know they want one.  I’m thinking I will embellish it with these brass circle eyelet things I have….leave me a comment if you want it.

I want to try a skinny belt and make a wrap leather bracelet.  I love those too.  I may have to stop off at Goodwill and pick one up, as I don’t have a skinny belt I’m ready to sacrifice.

What do you think?  Is this a look you like, or are you more of a gold/silver/beads kind of girl?  (I’m that as well).


8 thoughts on “Leather Cuff, 3 Ways

  1. You are so crafty!! Isn’t it time to start thinking business? The branded cuffs would be a hit, especially with the younger crowd. Even personalizing them with names, zodiac signs, school, animals, etc. You need to go on Shark Tank for financial backing. I have the perfect names: Kara’s Krafts or KH Designs (I favor the first one!)
    Just think: no more writing IEPs!!
    Btw, I want a Kara Kraft Kuff!!

  2. I’ve said it before and I will say it again-you are one talented lady…I agree..,you need to start a business…wow…those look great.

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  4. Just a thought: Your little nieces would love a Kara Kuff. They make cute inexpensive gifts. If you have teen cousins, see how that age group likes them. Bet they’ll be a hit on Ebay! Seriously Kara, venture out with your talent & see where it takes you…

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