Day 30, 30 For 30 Remix

Yay!!  Finally made it!  Today is the last day of our challenge, and I couldn’t be happier.  I actually enjoyed the challenge, but I’ve decided I don’t like being limited to what I wear.  I miss my other clothes.  I though it would be easier to utilize my accessories, but it has been so warm, that most days I didn’t even want to wear a scarf.  (I was hoping to bust out my fur leg warmers…)

Here is what I wore on the last day…

What I wore: Pants, Shirt (NY& Co), Shoes (Off Broadway)

A few things I learned:

  • I don’t like taking a picture of myself each day, but I got a few comments from you guys that you enjoyed seeing what I wore…you made me feel good.
  • I love NY & Co
  • I thought not shopping for a month would be no problem…I was wrong.
  • Next time I need more shirts I think.
  • I had a hard time remembering what I wore, I am not even sure if I repeated an outfit or not…
  • Getting dressed was much easier actually, I had less to choose from so there wasn’t too much thought to put into it.

I am so happy some of you participated…I really want to know your thoughts on the challenge.  Did you cheat?  I will be seeing Vanessa next week, so we will be picking a winner for the $75.00 Visa gift card as well as the accessories!




2 thoughts on “Day 30, 30 For 30 Remix

  1. I stayed pretty true to my selections. I think I did wear 1 shirt not on my list, but I forgot I had it and the weather was a lot warmer than expected. I did like seeing what you wore and was just glad I did not have to take a picture and smile that early in the morning.

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