DIY Bench to Ottoman

I love seeing people (normally on Pinterest) upholster old benches or tables.  I love this because since I have started sewing, I love going to the fabric store.  The possibilities are endless on the look you would want to create.  Good thing we had this lying around.

We picked this up a while ago to set our chess set on…yeah, we play chess.  Kevin beats me every time.  I decided it needed a makeover.  I went to the fabric store and got this fabric.

(I got 2 yards, I wanted a lot because this was my first time attempting to do a project like this, thought I may mess up.)

And I got this foam batting.

My plan was to make a  slip cover for the bench.  Nope, I have never made a slip cover so this is how I decided to make it.

First I cut the foam to fit the table.  Then I layed the fabric over the table to measure/cut what I needed.

This was when I stared at the fabric trying to decide what to do next.  I realize I should have made the slip cover inside out…but I didn’t.  You see, I just jump in and sometimes get too anxious to think it through.  Anyway, I just started kinda gathering/folding the corners and started pinning them.

I did one corner at a time, and went to sew it.  This way I had a good fit all the way around.  Real technical…

You can see that it isn’t perfect, but pretty good for zero measuring, zero clue on what I was doing.

Next, I had a few boxes of these furniture nails from Lowe’s.

And started hammering them right into the table.  (Cue Mona running upstairs to avoid the hammering)

Again, I just eyeballed this.

And there it is.  I love the transformation, and it really wasn’t difficult.

Have you ever upholstered or slip covered something?  I would love to know, and get any tips for next time!


9 thoughts on “DIY Bench to Ottoman

  1. It looks great! I love that you just eyeballed everything. I’m such a planner that I measure A LOT. I’m planning to make a headboard with furniture nails like that and have heard using the handle of a spoon for spacing works well. I guess we’ll see.

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