April Johnston

I’ve been inspired…

This past weekend I met April Johnston, you know, contestant from season 8 Project Runway, as well as the most recent Project Runway All Stars.

Photo courtesy of Mangled Courtesan

She was doing an appearance at Jo Ann’s to introduce her fabric line.  It’s been in the store for a while, and it is amazing.  You should go check it out.  She also did a demonstration, which was really great to see her at work.  (Sure it’s not work to her).  April lives in Savannah, (another reason I’m a fan possibly?)  and designs in her studio there.  Dream job right?  I plan on dragging Kevin to find her studio next trip to Savannah.  I’m a fan of her design, and told Kevin just last night that I wish I could have had her make my wedding dress….not that I would have been able to do that, but how amazing would that have been?  Maybe another dress, another time.  Here are some of my favorite designs of hers…. (these are from Project Runway Spring 2011 Fashion Week )

These are from her clothing company Mangled Courtesan.

This Hurricane Dress is amazing…..

Now, you all know I am new to sewing, which is why April was so inspiring.  I realize she grew up sewing, went to school studying design, and oh yeah, was on 2 seasons of Project Runway, but she makes me want to keep sewing, and learn as much as possible.  I want to attempt more and not be afraid to completely mess it up.  So stay tuned as I continue to grow in my sewing endeavors.

And did I mention how friendly and sweet she was?  I think we could be friends.





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