Fabric Covered Bracelet

I was looking through some jewelry the other day and found a gold bangle that I haven’t worn in quite some time.  (It wasn’t real gold) and it was starting to look kinda cheap.  So, since I love to cover things in fabric, you can see what I mean here, here, and here I decided to fabric my bracelet.  I had everything on hand, fabric, spray adhesive and the bracelet.

I cut a piece to fit around the bracelet, and wide enough to fold over on the inside.  I grabbed my spray and took it outside.

I ended up with this.

That’s the bracelet drying on top of the adhesive.  Seemed like a good idea. It was still pretty wet from the adhesive.

After it dried it turned out pretty well!

Plus I like polka dots right now.

This is leftover fabric I used to make a bag I mentioned here.  I’ll be blogging about that soon.

On a completely different subject, who watches Downton Abbey?  I’ve been obsessed.  I’m halfway through season 2, and cannot wait to try to fit in an episode each evening.   Let’s discuss!




5 thoughts on “Fabric Covered Bracelet

  1. Love the bracelet and LOVE Downton Abbey!!! I I’m a sucker for period pieces, but DA is especially good. I don’t want to have to wait to see what happens in season 3!

  2. The bracelet is very fun and will add to your great wardrobe! I have not seen Downtown Abbey. Sounds like I am missing something.

  3. I can’t wait to see the bag you made! I’ve been wanting to tackle more crafty DIY projects and since I love handbags, I thought that might be a good one to try…but I need a little inspiration!

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