Driftwood Wreath

You all know I love my driftwood.  Remember my driftwood H? When we took our last trip to Tybee, Kevin and I went for a  walk on the beach/driftwood hunt. I always have a project in mind, this being the wreath.

So I started with my bag of driftwood.

And sorted through it to get some wreath worthy pieces.

I picked up this mdf circle at Michaels, (for around $3.00).

I placed the driftwood around to get an idea of where I wanted each piece to go.  From there I used my glue gun and started attaching driftwood to the circle, and driftwood to driftwood.

The driftwood doesn’t lay flay against the circle (which was a pain to secure).  You can’t see it from the front (yay) but you can from the side (boo).

I also made the bow from some leftover fabric. I wanted a rustic look.

I think I secretly want to decorate a beach house.  No, that’s no secret at all. And I want it to be my beach house.

I made the decision to keep this on the inside of the door.  I knew our hot southern temps in the summer would destroy the hot glue.  Plus, I like a wreath on the inside door…..

What type of wreath do you have on the outside?  I’m thinking of some ideas, since our outside door is still bare.  I even saw some tin monograms that I liked for the door, but I’m unsure.  I could always do the moss wreath again.

Oh, and if you missed it, I posted over at The Pink Growl, for my blog friend Nikki!



2 thoughts on “Driftwood Wreath

  1. I like the driftwood wreath. I currently have a grapevine wreath with some greenery and a gold bow on my door now. My favorite wreath was an eucalyptus wreath (I got it on sale at Michael’s) , I had a friend make a large sheer ivory bow for it. I should have had it on an inside door, the wind was blowing when it was raining one day and even under the porch the rain hit the door and got it wet…it turned black from the rain…how sad…

  2. This is so cute! I made a yarn wreath for the door this past Christmas, and I was so sad to put it away. This is totally appropriate for year round hanging.

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