Georgia On My Mind

We have our summer vacation booked to Tybee Island, and it can’t get here soon enough.  Kevin and I talk about it every day, and then when I talk to my sis, we also talk about it.  Therefore, I seriously have Georgia On My Mind.

I’ve also mentioned that I am dying to sew something, anything.  I’m so in love with sewing right now.

Let me note that I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, and I may have seen a similar project there.  Also I used this project as some inspiration.

First I sorted through my fabric, decided on this piece of gray, and printed out a map of Georgia.

I used the map as a guide to draw the map on the fabric.  I just use a pencil.

Then I sewed.

And then I made a heart.  You know, cause I love some Savannah/Tybee. (We were married there if you didn’t know…)

Ironed it, framed it.

I need to do a North Carolina one.  And possibly South Carolina since that is where we currently live…..

And in case you now have it going through your mind like I do, enjoy!




2 thoughts on “Georgia On My Mind

  1. This is awesome!!! You have to make me one. I love the Georgia one so much!!! It will look pretty to have the states all hung together. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Cant wait for July!!!!

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