May Birchbox Man

Kevin got his second Birchbox Man today, so clearly I opened it right up and will proceed to blog about it!

As I mentioned last time his box is a bit bigger than the ladies Birchbox, and it slides open.

(I went out-of-town this weekend, and his Birchbox was perfect for my jewelry.)

This month had a bit of a poker theme, so first up he got not one, but two sets of playing cards.

He also got this popcorn that I can’t wait to try with him…

I’ll let you know.You see it says spicy bacon right?

He also got this Kerastase shampoo.

I received an email from Birchbox saying they should have sent travel sizes instead of samples, so they’re gonna send the correct size out.  Great customer service right?

Finally he got some John Varvatos cologne and Zirh Shave Gel.

So then I packed everything up as it came so he can experience the fun of opening it.  (He really doesn’t care, he told me to open it!)

He’ll like all of these items.  Did I mention the popcorn had beer-infused caramel?

Have any of you ordered Birchbox for your man?  Kevin likes it because it’s considered lifestyle (cards, popcorn) as opposed to just products.  Plus he travels all the time so he has great travel sizes to take with him!  You should try it, or at the very least get Birchbox for yourself!

Side note that has nothing to do with Birchbox…I went out of town this weekend with my sister and had the best time!  I saw some of her college friends that I haven’t seen in a really long time so here’s a shout out to all you girls (Kelly, Heather, Ashley, Mandy, and the beautiful bride Dawn), cause you all better be reading my blog!!



I decided on a completely random post full of random pictures from my everyday life.  I feel as if I’ve overloaded on sewing posts lately, so this is a bit refreshing and fun for me.  (And slightly random but I warned you in the title)…

First of all, great news, I found this today.

I’ve seen this on Pinterest, and I’m afraid this won’t be good for swimsuit weather.  Who cares, I’m a Nutella addict and this is really good!

This is my next pool read. (After I finish the last Fifty Shades of Grey which I admit embarrassed.  What? I had to see what the fuss was about?  Who wants to discuss this with me?  Anyway, my next read…

Kevin is reading it now and says it’s good.

This was Kevin’s Christmas present.  It’s huge, and we love it.

Glad I have a husband who understands my love of shoes…

Why aren’t they in the closet you ask?  Well, it too is full of shoes.  These are the ones he rotates through everyday while coaching.

Kevin and I decided on traditional anniversary gifts to each other.  First year, paper.  He gave me this.

It’s a canvas of the letter he gave me before our wedding.  It’s a love letter written from song lyrics.  It may be my favorite thing ever.

Speaking of a canvas…

This is another one of my favorite possessions.  It was a gift from Vanessa (who also took the picture). It hangs in a perfect spot in our bedroom.

Mona.  Our little love.  She could care less about the big camera in her face, but hates my phone.  She allowed me to get closer and closer to her.  I love these.

Sweet girl.

And finally the thing that I have to say has been more healing and therapeutic to me.  (Other than my wonderful husband)

Sounds dramatic I know, but when I’m feeling down this always keeps me occupied and gives me quite a sense of accomplishment.

And how I attempt to keep it all organized…

Well this was fun!  I have a ton of randomness quite often, so I’m certain you’re going to see more posts like this.

Fifty Shades of Grey…anyone?


I wanted to do a quick shirt transformation, so I had this shirt…

And this fabric…

And after a little cutting and sewing made this.

This made me think of other things I can do with existing clothes in my closet. Stay tuned.

Update: Thanks for all the advice on what to keep from Stitch Fix. I ended up keeping the peach wrap tank…

May Stitch Fix

I came home to this today….

You can read all about Stitch Fix here, and see my last few fixes here, and here.  All you need to know is you get great clothes delivered to you, keep what you want, send back what you don’t.

I always get my fix on a Thursday and have all weekend to decide.  Monday I ship it back (at no charge to me) in this bag.

Okay, so this time I’m gonna show you everything as I tried it on, and I want your input.  What do you like?  What should I keep?

First up…

This sweater is navy stripe.  It’s short (see my belly?) but is so soft.  I normally don’t wear short tops but I kinda like it.

I love the color.  Love the wrap, and think it falls pretty…

I love a good maxi skirt, but this is too similar to my pleated skirt (which I kept from one of my fixes).  This was really cute though.  It was a bit longer in the back,

And had cute pockets.

Okay, up next be ready for a little leg…

This is a faux suede tunic dress.  Tall girls can’t wear tunic dresses without leggings.  Okay let’s move on.

Crinkle dress.  (With bra showing).

That’s all.

No wait I also got this.

They always send you a little gift.  A girl can never have enough chap stick.

And this is me after I changed out of all these clothes.  I show you this because this is what I will have on every afternoon, on weekends, while blogging, um, yeah, all the time.

Oh, and to work out.

So what should I keep?  I think I have an idea but I’m not telling.  I want opinions!

Go check out Stitch Fix, and schedule your fix.  You know you want to…

Here’s a link to get you started…

I Made This (aka I Made A Dress)

Obviously I can’t pull myself away from the “ I made a _____” title.  I tried in the above title… baby steps right?

So I ordered this great fabric from Mood.

You know Mood, it’s where they shop on Project Runway.  I wanted some stripes, couldn’t find what I wanted locally, so I searched online.  I came across Mood, found what I liked (was happy with the price) and a few days later this arrived in the mail!

I had plans with this fabric.  I wanted a striped dress to wear with my Hunter Boots.  I had a look in mind, so I thought “why not just make it?”

And so I did.

Like my shirt, I just used an existing dress to make my pattern.  I always make it a bit bigger for my seam allowance as well as some extra room to work with.

After getting it cut out, I sewed it together.  I always just try it on and make adjustments from there.  I’ll have to show you this process sometime, cause it can be funny…

I decided the sleeves weren’t going to work so off they went.  I was a little bummed cause I wanted some flowy sleeves but I didn’t allow enough fabric for that.  Boo.  But next time I’ll know.  I also decided on a V neck since the last shirt I made was rounded.  Just for something different.   And I wish I would have gotten a pic of this.  To make the V neck I put the dress on and used blue painters tape (which has become a sewing staple for me, remember I used it here?) to mock up the neck.  Then I knew exactly where to make my cuts.  Worked beautifully.

I had to keep putting the dress on, make adjustments on length, etc and I was finished!

I can’t really say how long this took to make.  No more than a few hours.  But this is how I work…

I cut my pattern, sew it together.  Next I try it on and take some mental notes.  Then I leave it for a while and go do something else like laundry, TV, whatever.  I then put the dress back on and sew some of the adjustments.  Take it off, leave it, do something else.  I repeat this step a few more times until I am happy with the result.  Even when I’m finished I keep trying it to make sure I’m happy with it.  I think this keeps me from making mistakes.

Oh and the best news, it rained like crazy here today so I got to wear the new dress and my Hunter Boots!  Good Day!

What title would you have given this post today?  (Although I realize it’s hard to beat “I made this.”)





May Birchbox

I received my latest Birchbox and wanted to share it with you!  I love to see what other bloggers get in their Birchbox, so I guess I am assuming you all want to see what I got in mine!

First of all, the box this month was inspired by Gossip Girl.  I don’t watch Gossip Girl, but it doesn’t matter, my loot was good!

Here you have Bvlgari Eau de Toilette Spray.  Smells pretty good, and with all my perfume samples I’ll never have to buy perfume again.

Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment.  I actually already have this and I love it!  I was happy to receive another to throw in my purse!  It’s seriously good.  Feels like chap stick with a tint!

Kiehl’s Abyssine Cream.  I’m excited to try this.  It’s an anti-aging moisturizer, and as a 30ish something, I need to pay more attention to these types of products.  (Although I did recently get carded twice in one weekend…)

Miracle Skin Transformer.  This is a tinted treatment that erases blemishes and scars on arms, and legs.  Also excited to see how much I can erase on my body…

And a cute notecard.  (Birchbox extra)

So I added my empty box to the stack I have in my bathroom cabinets (great storage cause they are all the same size) and set all my products out to get ready to use.

If you don’t have Birchbox you’re missing out.  It’s so much fun and only $10.00 a month!  Now they have Birchbox Man, which you can read about here.  Kevin enjoyed getting it and likes his products.

In other mail related news, along with my Birchbox I also received my InStyle mag!  And then UPS came and delivered my new fabric from Mood!  Good mail day!  (Stay tuned for what I’m making with the fabric…)

Happy Friday!!

Grilled Pork Tenderloin Burritos with Cucumber Pico

You all know we love to cook.  Kevin especially loves to get in the kitchen and try new recipes while I enjoy sipping a cocktail and helping out if he needs me…what?

A few weeks ago we had plans to do nothing, and had no clue what to have for dinner.  I found an old movie on TV that we wanted to watch so I paused that while we went to survey the food in our house.  The result, delicious pork tenderloin (left over) quesadillas.  Let me tell you, they were so good.

Now, here we were a few weeks later, still remembering how good those quesadillas were and decided to tweak that a bit and create a recipe.  We knew we wanted to grill the tenderloin, so Kevin decided to make a rub for the pork.  This consisted of salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, and my fave, cumin.

He rubbed that on the tenderloin and grilled it, (we go old school with charcoal), until it reached an internal temp of around 160 degrees.

Meanwhile, I was preparing a pico to go along with our meal.  We wanted something fresh, so what better than a little pico? We wanted to have a little twist on it, so we’ll call this a cucumber pico. Basically it is your normal pico, tomatoes, onion, jalapeño, cilantro, lime, and garlic with cucumbers added.  (We also made a mango pico but decided we didn’t like it as well with this recipe). How many times can I say pico in one description?

So now you have your pork tenderloin which you need to shred.  Kevin boiled some water on the grill, (in a heat proof dish, such as cast iron) placed a wire rack inside the pot and steamed some whole wheat tortillas.  (You’ve got to try to steam the tortillas, they are so much better than regular heating.)  He then made a burrito with the shredded tenderloin, and colby jack cheese.  Now go put these back on the grill for a minute to let the cheese melt and get some good grill marks.

Pile on the pico right on top and enjoy.  Let me tell you, these are seriously good.  We’ll certainly be enjoying this meal  again.  (Update since originally written…we’ve enjoyed these at least 3 more times.)

We served this with yellow rice as well as some grilled mango.

Who wants an invite the next time we cook?  You can sit and have a cocktail with me!

Grilled Pork Tenderloin Burritos with Cucumber Pico    serves 6-8

2lb pork tenderloin, large whole wheat tortillas, grated cheddar cheese

For the Pico

4 tomatoes seeded and chopped

1 onion, chopped

1 jalapeño seeded and chopped

Half of a cucumber chopped

Juice of 1 lime

Chopped cilantro, to taste

Garlic salt

Combine all ingredients; add more lime, garlic salt and cilantro as needed.

For the Rub

1 tablespoon kosher salt

1 teaspoon pepper

1 teaspoon onion powder

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 teaspoon paprika

1 teaspoon cumin

Mix together in a small bowl.

Trim the silver skin off of a 2 lb pork tenderloin, and coat the tenderloin with the rub.  Cook on the grill, turning as need until it reaches an internal temperature of 150 degrees.  Remove from the grill and wrap in foil.  You want it to continue to cook until it reaches an internal temperature of 160 degrees.  Shred the tenderloin.

Place a pot (large enough to fit the tortillas) with enough water to steam on the grill.  We use a wire rack placed in the pot to steam the tortillas.

Once your tortillas are steamed (or heated) assemble the burritos by adding some of the pork and cheese.  Roll tightly so there are no opening and place back on the grill to heat and melt the cheese.  Top with the cucumber pico and serve.