I Made Another Shirt

I promise if I continue to make clothes I will change the title.  I haven’t gotten any more creative than I Made a Bag, I Made a Scarf, and  I Made a Shirt

So as the title suggests, yep, I made another shirt.  Sewing something I can actually wear has not only been amazing, but addictive.  Now that I’m getting more comfortable with my machine and sewing, I constantly think about my next project.

I found this tutorial and this was my guide.  It’s from Make it-Love it, which has a ton of great ideas and tutorials.  Her directions are much better and more detailed than mine are about to be, so jump over there if you want good step-by-step instructions.

I’ll attempt to give you my run down though…

I bought this great fabric at Jo Ann’s.

It’s from April Johnston’s collection, and it’s just great.

I used an existing shirt, and cut out the shape a bit bigger than the shirt to give me some room for seam allowance and error….

Then I sewed it together.  Next, I cut a band of fabric for the bottom of the shirt.

It looks wide, but you fold it into itself to make the band.  I also cut the band a bit smaller than the bottom of the shirt because you want that to be smaller and a bit tighter. I sewed the sides together and had a tube.  Fold the tube in half and pin.

The next step was the most difficult part for me.  You slide the tube up around the bottom of the shirt, matching up the raw edges.  The problem for me was that the shirt was bigger than the tube so getting it just right, and the fabric smoothed out was difficult.  Pin and sew.

I guess I was concentrating too much, but I didn’t get too many pictures towards the end…

I used some bias tape to sew around the neckline.

And I sewed a nice edge on the arms.

And I created this…

(Kinda crazy hair huh?) Semi curly hair problems….

Anyway, I love it.  The fabric is a stretchy cotton type that feels so good.

What do you all think?

I know my next project is going to be a new makeup bag, and then I may make a skirt.  I also have some ideas on things I can do to some of my existing clothes.  Stay tuned!





12 thoughts on “I Made Another Shirt

  1. So adorable! I love the fabric you went with. I have seriously limited sewing skills, but I may have to try this! 🙂

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