May Stitch Fix

I came home to this today….

You can read all about Stitch Fix here, and see my last few fixes here, and here.  All you need to know is you get great clothes delivered to you, keep what you want, send back what you don’t.

I always get my fix on a Thursday and have all weekend to decide.  Monday I ship it back (at no charge to me) in this bag.

Okay, so this time I’m gonna show you everything as I tried it on, and I want your input.  What do you like?  What should I keep?

First up…

This sweater is navy stripe.  It’s short (see my belly?) but is so soft.  I normally don’t wear short tops but I kinda like it.

I love the color.  Love the wrap, and think it falls pretty…

I love a good maxi skirt, but this is too similar to my pleated skirt (which I kept from one of my fixes).  This was really cute though.  It was a bit longer in the back,

And had cute pockets.

Okay, up next be ready for a little leg…

This is a faux suede tunic dress.  Tall girls can’t wear tunic dresses without leggings.  Okay let’s move on.

Crinkle dress.  (With bra showing).

That’s all.

No wait I also got this.

They always send you a little gift.  A girl can never have enough chap stick.

And this is me after I changed out of all these clothes.  I show you this because this is what I will have on every afternoon, on weekends, while blogging, um, yeah, all the time.

Oh, and to work out.

So what should I keep?  I think I have an idea but I’m not telling.  I want opinions!

Go check out Stitch Fix, and schedule your fix.  You know you want to…

Here’s a link to get you started…


11 thoughts on “May Stitch Fix

  1. I like the wrap top (if that is what you would call it) and the crinkle dress…love those colors…good luck deciding what to keep

  2. First, I have to say thank you for introducing me to Stitch Fix. I am addicted. I’m being good (to my bank account), though, and only getting one shipment a month.

    Of your Fix I like the crinkle dress and the wrap top the best.

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