I decided on a completely random post full of random pictures from my everyday life.  I feel as if I’ve overloaded on sewing posts lately, so this is a bit refreshing and fun for me.  (And slightly random but I warned you in the title)…

First of all, great news, I found this today.

I’ve seen this on Pinterest, and I’m afraid this won’t be good for swimsuit weather.  Who cares, I’m a Nutella addict and this is really good!

This is my next pool read. (After I finish the last Fifty Shades of Grey which I admit embarrassed.  What? I had to see what the fuss was about?  Who wants to discuss this with me?  Anyway, my next read…

Kevin is reading it now and says it’s good.

This was Kevin’s Christmas present.  It’s huge, and we love it.

Glad I have a husband who understands my love of shoes…

Why aren’t they in the closet you ask?  Well, it too is full of shoes.  These are the ones he rotates through everyday while coaching.

Kevin and I decided on traditional anniversary gifts to each other.  First year, paper.  He gave me this.

It’s a canvas of the letter he gave me before our wedding.  It’s a love letter written from song lyrics.  It may be my favorite thing ever.

Speaking of a canvas…

This is another one of my favorite possessions.  It was a gift from Vanessa (who also took the picture). It hangs in a perfect spot in our bedroom.

Mona.  Our little love.  She could care less about the big camera in her face, but hates my phone.  She allowed me to get closer and closer to her.  I love these.

Sweet girl.

And finally the thing that I have to say has been more healing and therapeutic to me.  (Other than my wonderful husband)

Sounds dramatic I know, but when I’m feeling down this always keeps me occupied and gives me quite a sense of accomplishment.

And how I attempt to keep it all organized…

Well this was fun!  I have a ton of randomness quite often, so I’m certain you’re going to see more posts like this.

Fifty Shades of Grey…anyone?


10 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. Fifty shades of Grey…don’t be embarassed! I loved it and will reread it. I am a newly single Mom and now on the hunt for Mr Grey, ha. Embrace your sexuality!!!

  2. Mona is precious and I love her! I read the Abe Lincoln book a couple years ago, it’s really good – go for it! I loved it! They are making a movie now too.

  3. I’m on the third book of the series, 50 Shades Freed. I’m not embarrassed! It’s reminded me what those butterflies are like when you first fall in love. My husband is my Mr. Grey…minus the NDA! 😉 I’d love to discuss more with you!

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