May Birchbox Man

Kevin got his second Birchbox Man today, so clearly I opened it right up and will proceed to blog about it!

As I mentioned last time his box is a bit bigger than the ladies Birchbox, and it slides open.

(I went out-of-town this weekend, and his Birchbox was perfect for my jewelry.)

This month had a bit of a poker theme, so first up he got not one, but two sets of playing cards.

He also got this popcorn that I can’t wait to try with him…

I’ll let you know.You see it says spicy bacon right?

He also got this Kerastase shampoo.

I received an email from Birchbox saying they should have sent travel sizes instead of samples, so they’re gonna send the correct size out.  Great customer service right?

Finally he got some John Varvatos cologne and Zirh Shave Gel.

So then I packed everything up as it came so he can experience the fun of opening it.  (He really doesn’t care, he told me to open it!)

He’ll like all of these items.  Did I mention the popcorn had beer-infused caramel?

Have any of you ordered Birchbox for your man?  Kevin likes it because it’s considered lifestyle (cards, popcorn) as opposed to just products.  Plus he travels all the time so he has great travel sizes to take with him!  You should try it, or at the very least get Birchbox for yourself!

Side note that has nothing to do with Birchbox…I went out of town this weekend with my sister and had the best time!  I saw some of her college friends that I haven’t seen in a really long time so here’s a shout out to all you girls (Kelly, Heather, Ashley, Mandy, and the beautiful bride Dawn), cause you all better be reading my blog!!


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