Roasted Vegetable Pasta

I have to give my sis-in-law Susan (who also made our wedding cake) credit for this recipe.  She made it for dinner a while back and I knew I would be making it.  This is super easy (I say that a lot but this really is) and delish.

Start with whatever veggies you want to use.  I used a red onion, zucchini, tomatoes, and red pepper.  Just cut those up into bite size pieces and place on a cookie sheet. I also added some turkey sausage.  (Susan added Italian sausage, but I had these ingredients on hand.)

I drizzled some olive oil and salt and peppered, then put in a 400 degree oven to roast.  I actually don’t know how long I left them in the oven, lets say 15 minutes…but just take them out when they’re done.

Meanwhile, cook your pasta.  I used the tri-color bow ties.

Drain, and add a bunch of Parmesan cheese. Then add your veggies and mix together.  The olive oil and other juices from the veggies make a nice little sauce.

This is seriously good, and so many ways you can change this up.  You can obviously change the pasta, and the veggies, but you can also add some fresh herbs.  I was really close to adding cilantro, and I probably will next time.  Chicken would also be a good addition.



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