Baby Love

As you all know by now from this post, Kevin and I are expecting our Baby Girl in February. I had these great plans of making our baby bedding, because I made Vanessa’s and really enjoyed it and loved how it turned out.  You can see that here.   Well, once we decided what we wanted I started the fabric search.  I looked everywhere.  Everywhere.  I found exactly what we wanted but noting for less than $20.00 a yard.  That was more than I wanted to spend.  I was really driving my self crazy and it was starting to stress me out a bit.  It was about this time that Kevin reminded me that I would be making a lot of things for Baby Girl so I didn’t have to make the bedding.  So we bought the perfect set from Pottery Barn.  I won’t share now, because I want to wait til the room is put together…

I will however share the first project I made for our girl and her room.

The inspiration came from Carrie Bradshaw’s “Love” art she had in her apartment after she had it re-decorated… From Sex and the City if you didn’t know who Carrie is.

Obviously different but you get the idea.  So, first I just went through my fabric.

And had to narrow it down to 4.

I had printed off the letters and just cut them out to make a stencil.  First I pinned the letters onto the ironed fabric and cut them out…

But then for the V and E I just traced the letters on the backside of the fabric (reverse the letter too) and this was an easier approach.

So after the letters were cut out I placed them on the canvas I picked up at JoAnn’s for 50% off and crossed my fingers for a good fit.  No, I didn’t measure a thing.  I’m more of an eyeball it kind of girl.

There’s my canvas and the dimensions…

Okay, so next was a bit trial and error.  I had in my mind to Mod Podge the entire thing, but then decided that I should somehow glue the letters a bit so I used my handy Liquid Stitch.  I glued the letters down and applied a thin layer of Mod Podge over the letters. The directions say to let dry about 20 minutes between coats, but I let mine dry for about 24 hours.  (Truth be told I started doing something else and didn’t go back to it til the next day.) The next day I applied another thin coat and that’s pretty much it!

And here’s a close up of each letter so you can see the fabric I chose.

I can’t wait to see it when the room comes together.  Stay tuned.


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