Happy Anniversary

Today is our two-year anniversary.  Two years ago we had the most perfect day on Tybee Island, and a great night in Savannah celebrating with everyone we love.

Kevin, Happy Anniversary love.  You continue to make me happy and feel like the most important thing in the world.  I’m a lucky girl…

It was a perfect day.  Thank you to Vanessa for capturing the beautiful pictures.


Stuffed Animal Owl

Since I’m having a baby I admit I have some baby DIY projects on my mind.  I wanted to make a stuffed animal, so decided to make one for little Gray, Vanessa’s adorable son. This was really simple, and I will probably be making some for our little girl, as well as the many kids in our family.

First I just cut out an owl on construction paper. I folded it in half to make sure it was symmetrical.

And then traced it onto fabric.

I then pinned the owl onto some softer minky fabric.

This will be the back of the owl.  Once everything was cut out I just sewed right sides together, leaving an opening for the batting.

Now. this is what I’ll do different next time.  I had originally thought I would just have the owl, without a lot of details, but once I was finished with this step I decided it did need a little more detail.  Next time I will sew this onto the patterned fabric before sewing the two pieces together.  This time I just used my liquid stitch.

I just cut out some eyes and a beak.

And glued them right on.  I let them dry overnight.

Then I decided I needed some wings.

Once everything was dry, I just stuffed it and sewed the opening.

My favorite part is the different textures.  Especially for a little baby.  And there are so many animals you could make.  This was really easy, stay tuned for more I’m sure…




November Birchbox Man

Kevin received his Birchbox and as I normally do, I opened it.  I do pack everything the way it came so he can enjoy opening it too.  Turns out he really doesn’t care about me packing everything back in the way it came…

The box is bigger and I like how it slides open.  I use these to hold jewelry when we travel.

This is what he got this month.

American Crew Shave Gel, Evolution Wash and Buff (this is a face scrub), Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Shampoo and Conditioner (he doesn’t use conditioner, wonder if he’ll start or if this will be mine…), Atelier Cologne, and Old Calgary Oxford Card Sleeve Wallet.

He always likes what he gets and normally tries everything.  Just like my Birchbox, many of these items are great for travel.  This would be a great Christmas present for a Dad, Brother, or Husband.  I like that they normally include some type of gadget, or non “beauty” product.  Guys love gadgets.