Glitter Eggs

This post is from last Easter, but I wanted to share it again since there isn’t any time for Easter Eggs at our house this year… these were really pretty. 

I made some Easter Eggs this weekend.  I wanted a little decoration, and this was easy enough.  However, I didn’t want to mess with the dye or anything…so I used glitter!  Yes, glitter, (we all know is much easier to clean).  Oh, and I also didn’t want to boil the eggs (I wanted to keep them around for a while) but I had to get the egg out.  So instead I blew the inside out.  If is sounds weird, it was.  I didn’t let Kevin watch me do this.  All you do is poke a hole in both ends of the egg with a needle.  You kinda have to move the needle around a bit to make the hole big enough for the egg to come out.  Then, you just blow the egg out.  Obviously there are no pictures of this process…you’re welcome.  The first few were time-consuming, but then you find your rhythm.

And wash them out.

Next, I got my glitter, Spread glue on each egg, and proceeded to shake a ton of glitter onto each egg.

Let dry, and enjoy!

This was super easy, and not too messy.  I did have to wash my hand after each egg, but the glitter I used is really fine and washes off easy.  I like it as an alternative to dying eggs. I will do it again.  This is off topic, but I glittered a pumpkin once and that was fab. Are you the more traditional egg in the food coloring person or do you like the glitter?  Or do you have any other ideas?


4 thoughts on “Glitter Eggs

  1. I like these Kara, Looks like blowing the egg it would be difficult (for me anyhow)…we normally dye our eggs (it is messy) but fun…

  2. These are very cool! I would love to try these too. Can you keep them for a long time? Can you use these again next year? That would be really great!!!

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