DIY High Chair Cover

My sister passed down this great high chair for Rae to use in a few months.  It was given to her from a family member, and I love knowing Rae gets to use it too.



It’s so pretty as is, but I wanted to make a little cover/seat for some added comfort for our baby girl.  I got some great fabric at the fabric store, along with a few other materials.

DSC_2279Here you can see the fabric, piping, batting, scissors, pins, and measuring tape.  Not pictured is some wrapping paper that I made my pattern on.

I started by just drawing and measuring the back and seat of the high chair  right onto the wrapping paper.



Next, using my pattern, I cut out the fabric and the batting, allowing for a bit of a seam allowance with the fabric.  By the way, I used a pretty thin batting, I didn’t want something too plush, I thought that would look strange, but that’s just my preference.



I just sewed everything together, adding the piping, (which in full disclosure, I still need to work on this skill) and came up with this…



If you can’t tell, it’s actually 2 pieces.  (Also machine washable which is obviously important).



I kept the wrapping paper pattern I made in case I want to make a new one with a different pattern, or this one gets stained or ruined.  Oh, and I also added some ties, to keep it attached to the high chair.

I was happy with how this turned out, and I’m loving the fabric.  I want to make Rae a little maxi dress, and this would be a cute pattern don’t you think?  Stay tuned for that…

And because this is all for our little angel I’ll leave you with a little picture of her.




Birchbox Man

I’ve told you about Birchbox Man before, you can see some of  Kevin’s swag here, and here. I get just as excited each month when his box comes as I do when mine comes.  Ladies, I’ve said it before, but this is a great gift to get your guy, and if you’re like me, you’ll end up using some of the products too. From Kevin’s Birchbox I’ve used chap stick,  shampoo/conditioner, face wash, shave cream, toothpaste, and I’ve benefited from the gadgets such as a cord holder (so charger cords don’t fall in the floor) speakers, beer koozies, bottle openers, and socks.

Here is what we he got this month.

DSC_2409Clark’s Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream, this is a face moisturizer.Jack Black Supreme Cream triple Cushion Shave Lather                                                                   Yes To Mint Lip Butter (Kevin prefers to call it chap stick)                                             Richer Poorer Socks, these are already in my drawer…

Birchbox man is a bit more expensive than my Birchbox, $20.00 compared to $10.00, but it is a bigger box with the products as well as lifestyle products such as the socks.

With Birchbox and Birchbox man coming to our house each month, we do accumulate lots of products.  We just throw them in a glass vase in our bathroom (his/hers) and you have everything in one place.  Plus, these would be great to put in a guest bathroom for your visitors to use.  We’ve been happy with our boxes, you should try it!

P.S. Our Baby girl turned 2 months old yesterday.


Steals and Deals from Kirkland’s

You all know I love a good deal, (remember all my finds here and here?)  I mean, who doesn’t like a good deal?  We all like to find good quality, stylish, up to date products for our home without having to pay a ton of money for them.  Plus, styles and tastes change, so if you’re like me you’re always changing out pillows and accent pieces.   We all love Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and stores like those, and make our wish lists from the catalogs we get each month, but I’ll be honest, I never buy…too expensive for me.

You guys are gonna love this…I’m about to show you some items for your home from some of those other stores, and compare them to similar items from Kirkland’s.  This will make you visit your nearest Kirkland’s or jump online to do a little shopping.  Here we go!


Pottery Barn – Jute Braid Pillow Cover $29.00 – $39.00

k pillow

Kirkland’s – Blue Jute Linen Pillow $15.99

pb drink

Pottery Barn – Glass Drink Dispenser $59.00 – $79.00

kirk drink

Kirkland’s Loop Beverage Dispenser $39.99

c and b mirror

Crate & Barrel – Pavilion Black Wall Mirror $249.00

k mirror

Kirkland’s – Black Bead Mirror, 30×42 $29.99

c and b chair

Crate & Barrel Folio Ebony Leather Side Chair $249.00

k chair

Kirkland’s – Brown Parsons Chair $63.99

c and b ottoman

Crate & Barrel – Davis Leather Ottoman $594.15

k ottoman

Kirkland’s – Brown Faux Leather Ottoman $199.98

pb drape

Pottery Barn – Emery Linen Drape $89.00 – $139.00

k curtain

Kirkland’s – Turin Blue Curtain Panel, Set of 2 $19.99

Pretty amazing don’t you think?  You can see from these items that it’s very possible to style a room for less.  We recently got new furniture, and we’re still shopping for items to finish up the rooms from pillows to wall art, and things for the nursery.  We’ll be shopping at Kirkland’s.