DIY High Chair Cover

My sister passed down this great high chair for Rae to use in a few months.  It was given to her from a family member, and I love knowing Rae gets to use it too.



It’s so pretty as is, but I wanted to make a little cover/seat for some added comfort for our baby girl.  I got some great fabric at the fabric store, along with a few other materials.

DSC_2279Here you can see the fabric, piping, batting, scissors, pins, and measuring tape.  Not pictured is some wrapping paper that I made my pattern on.

I started by just drawing and measuring the back and seat of the high chair  right onto the wrapping paper.



Next, using my pattern, I cut out the fabric and the batting, allowing for a bit of a seam allowance with the fabric.  By the way, I used a pretty thin batting, I didn’t want something too plush, I thought that would look strange, but that’s just my preference.



I just sewed everything together, adding the piping, (which in full disclosure, I still need to work on this skill) and came up with this…



If you can’t tell, it’s actually 2 pieces.  (Also machine washable which is obviously important).



I kept the wrapping paper pattern I made in case I want to make a new one with a different pattern, or this one gets stained or ruined.  Oh, and I also added some ties, to keep it attached to the high chair.

I was happy with how this turned out, and I’m loving the fabric.  I want to make Rae a little maxi dress, and this would be a cute pattern don’t you think?  Stay tuned for that…

And because this is all for our little angel I’ll leave you with a little picture of her.




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