Stitch Fix #18

I have received 18 Stitch Fix packages…that means 90 pieces of great clothing to choose from.  You can see some of my past fixes here, here, and  here.  I love getting this each month.  I always keep something, and I was thinking today that I don’t feel that urge to shop as often because I have this to look forward to.

So just as a quick reminder, you fill out a style profile, they send you 5 items, you pay a $20.00 styling fee (which goes towards a purchase), keep what you want, send back what you don’t in a pre-paid bag that you drop right in the mailbox.  Easy.

Here is my loot this month.





DSC_2576So I haven’t decided what I’m keeping yet, but I have ruled out the jeans.  Not that I  don’t like them, I actually do, but they don’t fit that great.  The red, white, and blue striped shirt is really cute on, and is so comfy.  The back is shorter than the front, so it’s a cute fit.  I’m leaning towards the ikat print top.

Any thoughts?


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