Fabric Covered Letter

As I sit in Rae’s room rocking her to sleep (which btw, has become my favorite thing to do), I have plenty of time to look around and come up with ideas to make.  I have a list so stay tuned.  I inventory the materials I have and create ideas.  This is the latest.

This is budget friendly (free to me) and only takes a few materials.

Materials: cardboard (I used a diaper box), scrap fabric, glue gun, pencil, scissors (use separate scissors for fabric and other things).

I have access to plenty of diaper boxes, so I grabbed one before I threw it out and cut out the side.



Next I drew out my letter, an “R” for Rae of course.  I had to draw and erase to make it look like I wanted it, and it still isn’t perfect, but it’s a good thing I like a “homemade” look.

Cut out your letter.



And you can also see my fabric scraps.  I used different purples, and cut them in about 1 inch wide strips.  You’re going to be wrapping the fabric so size really doesn’t matter here,

Use a dot of your glue to secure a starting point and begin wrapping, gluing the end of the strip.  Continue this wrapping process, cutting fabric to fit as needed.  I tried to only glue on the back of the letter.

You’ll end up with something that looks like this.

DSC_2670I used some purple ribbon and tied it to her closet door.



Very simple but we like it  It adds a little more color to her room. Plus, monograms and initials are all over the place now.  Just use what you have on hand to make one, and make it your own.  You can see another use of cardboard into letter here.

And because this is all for little Rae here she is…