Fabric Covered Letter

As I sit in Rae’s room rocking her to sleep (which btw, has become my favorite thing to do), I have plenty of time to look around and come up with ideas to make.  I have a list so stay tuned.  I inventory the materials I have and create ideas.  This is the latest.

This is budget friendly (free to me) and only takes a few materials.

Materials: cardboard (I used a diaper box), scrap fabric, glue gun, pencil, scissors (use separate scissors for fabric and other things).

I have access to plenty of diaper boxes, so I grabbed one before I threw it out and cut out the side.



Next I drew out my letter, an “R” for Rae of course.  I had to draw and erase to make it look like I wanted it, and it still isn’t perfect, but it’s a good thing I like a “homemade” look.

Cut out your letter.



And you can also see my fabric scraps.  I used different purples, and cut them in about 1 inch wide strips.  You’re going to be wrapping the fabric so size really doesn’t matter here,

Use a dot of your glue to secure a starting point and begin wrapping, gluing the end of the strip.  Continue this wrapping process, cutting fabric to fit as needed.  I tried to only glue on the back of the letter.

You’ll end up with something that looks like this.

DSC_2670I used some purple ribbon and tied it to her closet door.



Very simple but we like it  It adds a little more color to her room. Plus, monograms and initials are all over the place now.  Just use what you have on hand to make one, and make it your own.  You can see another use of cardboard into letter here.

And because this is all for little Rae here she is…




DIY High Chair Cover

My sister passed down this great high chair for Rae to use in a few months.  It was given to her from a family member, and I love knowing Rae gets to use it too.



It’s so pretty as is, but I wanted to make a little cover/seat for some added comfort for our baby girl.  I got some great fabric at the fabric store, along with a few other materials.

DSC_2279Here you can see the fabric, piping, batting, scissors, pins, and measuring tape.  Not pictured is some wrapping paper that I made my pattern on.

I started by just drawing and measuring the back and seat of the high chair  right onto the wrapping paper.



Next, using my pattern, I cut out the fabric and the batting, allowing for a bit of a seam allowance with the fabric.  By the way, I used a pretty thin batting, I didn’t want something too plush, I thought that would look strange, but that’s just my preference.



I just sewed everything together, adding the piping, (which in full disclosure, I still need to work on this skill) and came up with this…



If you can’t tell, it’s actually 2 pieces.  (Also machine washable which is obviously important).



I kept the wrapping paper pattern I made in case I want to make a new one with a different pattern, or this one gets stained or ruined.  Oh, and I also added some ties, to keep it attached to the high chair.

I was happy with how this turned out, and I’m loving the fabric.  I want to make Rae a little maxi dress, and this would be a cute pattern don’t you think?  Stay tuned for that…

And because this is all for our little angel I’ll leave you with a little picture of her.



Glitter Eggs

This post is from last Easter, but I wanted to share it again since there isn’t any time for Easter Eggs at our house this year… these were really pretty. 

I made some Easter Eggs this weekend.  I wanted a little decoration, and this was easy enough.  However, I didn’t want to mess with the dye or anything…so I used glitter!  Yes, glitter, (we all know is much easier to clean).  Oh, and I also didn’t want to boil the eggs (I wanted to keep them around for a while) but I had to get the egg out.  So instead I blew the inside out.  If is sounds weird, it was.  I didn’t let Kevin watch me do this.  All you do is poke a hole in both ends of the egg with a needle.  You kinda have to move the needle around a bit to make the hole big enough for the egg to come out.  Then, you just blow the egg out.  Obviously there are no pictures of this process…you’re welcome.  The first few were time-consuming, but then you find your rhythm.

And wash them out.

Next, I got my glitter, Spread glue on each egg, and proceeded to shake a ton of glitter onto each egg.

Let dry, and enjoy!

This was super easy, and not too messy.  I did have to wash my hand after each egg, but the glitter I used is really fine and washes off easy.  I like it as an alternative to dying eggs. I will do it again.  This is off topic, but I glittered a pumpkin once and that was fab. Are you the more traditional egg in the food coloring person or do you like the glitter?  Or do you have any other ideas?

Stuffed Animal Owl

Since I’m having a baby I admit I have some baby DIY projects on my mind.  I wanted to make a stuffed animal, so decided to make one for little Gray, Vanessa’s adorable son. This was really simple, and I will probably be making some for our little girl, as well as the many kids in our family.

First I just cut out an owl on construction paper. I folded it in half to make sure it was symmetrical.

And then traced it onto fabric.

I then pinned the owl onto some softer minky fabric.

This will be the back of the owl.  Once everything was cut out I just sewed right sides together, leaving an opening for the batting.

Now. this is what I’ll do different next time.  I had originally thought I would just have the owl, without a lot of details, but once I was finished with this step I decided it did need a little more detail.  Next time I will sew this onto the patterned fabric before sewing the two pieces together.  This time I just used my liquid stitch.

I just cut out some eyes and a beak.

And glued them right on.  I let them dry overnight.

Then I decided I needed some wings.

Once everything was dry, I just stuffed it and sewed the opening.

My favorite part is the different textures.  Especially for a little baby.  And there are so many animals you could make.  This was really easy, stay tuned for more I’m sure…




Baby Love

As you all know by now from this post, Kevin and I are expecting our Baby Girl in February. I had these great plans of making our baby bedding, because I made Vanessa’s and really enjoyed it and loved how it turned out.  You can see that here.   Well, once we decided what we wanted I started the fabric search.  I looked everywhere.  Everywhere.  I found exactly what we wanted but noting for less than $20.00 a yard.  That was more than I wanted to spend.  I was really driving my self crazy and it was starting to stress me out a bit.  It was about this time that Kevin reminded me that I would be making a lot of things for Baby Girl so I didn’t have to make the bedding.  So we bought the perfect set from Pottery Barn.  I won’t share now, because I want to wait til the room is put together…

I will however share the first project I made for our girl and her room.

The inspiration came from Carrie Bradshaw’s “Love” art she had in her apartment after she had it re-decorated… From Sex and the City if you didn’t know who Carrie is.

Obviously different but you get the idea.  So, first I just went through my fabric.

And had to narrow it down to 4.

I had printed off the letters and just cut them out to make a stencil.  First I pinned the letters onto the ironed fabric and cut them out…

But then for the V and E I just traced the letters on the backside of the fabric (reverse the letter too) and this was an easier approach.

So after the letters were cut out I placed them on the canvas I picked up at JoAnn’s for 50% off and crossed my fingers for a good fit.  No, I didn’t measure a thing.  I’m more of an eyeball it kind of girl.

There’s my canvas and the dimensions…

Okay, so next was a bit trial and error.  I had in my mind to Mod Podge the entire thing, but then decided that I should somehow glue the letters a bit so I used my handy Liquid Stitch.  I glued the letters down and applied a thin layer of Mod Podge over the letters. The directions say to let dry about 20 minutes between coats, but I let mine dry for about 24 hours.  (Truth be told I started doing something else and didn’t go back to it til the next day.) The next day I applied another thin coat and that’s pretty much it!

And here’s a close up of each letter so you can see the fabric I chose.

I can’t wait to see it when the room comes together.  Stay tuned.

This is What I’ve Been Up To…

I’ve been a bad blogger the past few weeks, and I have no excuse so I’m not going to try to come up with one.  I’ve been busy (is that an excuse?) and have done a few projects that I want to share.

I’m working on Vanessa’s baby bedding for Baby Gray who will make his arrival in October.  This is his crib bumper, although it’s not quite finished.  You will certainly see the end results either here or on her blog, or both!

The nursery colors are grey and orange…

I made this shirt/swimsuit cover.  I found this cool, sheer material and instantly thought cover up.

(Obviously you won’t see me in a swimsuit unless you are in the sun with me…)

It’s very flowy and off the shoulder.  I’ve worn it and it looks real cute over my black suit.

I made a new wreath for our door.

I just stuck some hydrangeas in one side and attached an “H” to the other…

And finally, I made these pillows.

(The green ones.)  I picked up this fabric at Michaels, on sale for $4.00, and I already had some pillow inserts we weren’t using.  I love a mix of textures, but knowing me, these will make a trip to every piece of furniture until I make a final decision.  (Looking at the one on the right reminds me that Mona likes to lay on the pillows too, hence the squashed appearance.)

So that’s it for now.  I have a few things on my list to do, and I plan blogging a bit more frequently.  No excuses.

So, what have I messed?  What have you all been up to?


I wanted to do a quick shirt transformation, so I had this shirt…

And this fabric…

And after a little cutting and sewing made this.

This made me think of other things I can do with existing clothes in my closet. Stay tuned.

Update: Thanks for all the advice on what to keep from Stitch Fix. I ended up keeping the peach wrap tank…