Rae’s Arrival

DSC_2152DSC_2303DSC_2350Luckily Rae’s arrival was very calm and uneventful.  It was very planned and went so smooth.

Throughout my pregnancy sweet Rae was always measuring large.  Along with that I had a narrow pelvis, which could be a problem with a large baby.  We knew a c-section  was a probable option.  Monday before Rae was born, my doctor determined that was the plan.  We were okay with that, but were a little nervous/excited…okay, freaked out, when he said “Let’s do it Thursday.”  We left knowing in a matter of days we’d be holding our baby girl.

Tuesday was my last day of work. Wednesday I spent relaxing at home, packing, cleaning, and getting ready for a date with Kevin.  I did not sleep Wednesday night.  We had to be at the hospital at 4:50 Thursday morning.  We were both full of emotion, but mostly excited.  I wasn’t too nervous yet.  We got checked in and they began to prep me for surgery. I had the best nurses, and they really took my mind off of being nervous.  Once prepped we walked back to recovery where Kevin waited while I had my spinal block.  I was nervous now.  I was shaking and could have cried (hormones?) but I kept it together.  Once the spinal was complete they put my dead legs (crazy feeling by the way) on the table, got me all ready and Kevin joined me.  I didn’t feel a thing.  It was a crazy feeling when they said, “okay, we’re getting ready to take her out.”  And then we heard “look at all that hair!”  We couldn’t see her yet but felt such relief.  They finally brought her around, not to us but so the staff could do their thing, but we got to watch and she was big, pink, and beautiful…and ours.  We made her and we were instantly in love.

Kevin and Rae went to recovery to wait on me.  The 3 of us were able to be together the whole time, I did some skin on skin (my favorite) and attempted to nurse.  After a period of time Kevin was able to take Rae out to meet the family who had all been there since early that morning.  Once I got the feeling back in my legs I was able to go to my room.

The c-section went really well.  I was sore, but mostly just my incision. It really couldn’t have gone any better.  And I can’t believe that was 6 weeks ago.

photoThere’s a lot more to talk about so stay tuned!


She’s Here…

February 24, 2013-7807Miriam Rae Hill was born February 14th, weighing 7 lbs 14 oz and she was 20.5 inches long.  She is perfect and we are in love.

So, obviously she’s been here for a little while, and I apologize for not blogging, but Rae and I have been enjoying each other.  She is a sweet baby with a lot of hair and she looks just like her Daddy.

I have much more to share, her birth story, (which was uneventful thank goodness), my thoughts on being a new mommy, sleep, what we eat as new parents, and of course lots of things I’ve made for her.  I also have a ton of pictures to share…