DIY High Chair Cover

My sister passed down this great high chair for Rae to use in a few months.  It was given to her from a family member, and I love knowing Rae gets to use it too.



It’s so pretty as is, but I wanted to make a little cover/seat for some added comfort for our baby girl.  I got some great fabric at the fabric store, along with a few other materials.

DSC_2279Here you can see the fabric, piping, batting, scissors, pins, and measuring tape.  Not pictured is some wrapping paper that I made my pattern on.

I started by just drawing and measuring the back and seat of the high chair  right onto the wrapping paper.



Next, using my pattern, I cut out the fabric and the batting, allowing for a bit of a seam allowance with the fabric.  By the way, I used a pretty thin batting, I didn’t want something too plush, I thought that would look strange, but that’s just my preference.



I just sewed everything together, adding the piping, (which in full disclosure, I still need to work on this skill) and came up with this…



If you can’t tell, it’s actually 2 pieces.  (Also machine washable which is obviously important).



I kept the wrapping paper pattern I made in case I want to make a new one with a different pattern, or this one gets stained or ruined.  Oh, and I also added some ties, to keep it attached to the high chair.

I was happy with how this turned out, and I’m loving the fabric.  I want to make Rae a little maxi dress, and this would be a cute pattern don’t you think?  Stay tuned for that…

And because this is all for our little angel I’ll leave you with a little picture of her.




I Made This (aka I Made A Dress)

Obviously I can’t pull myself away from the “ I made a _____” title.  I tried in the above title… baby steps right?

So I ordered this great fabric from Mood.

You know Mood, it’s where they shop on Project Runway.  I wanted some stripes, couldn’t find what I wanted locally, so I searched online.  I came across Mood, found what I liked (was happy with the price) and a few days later this arrived in the mail!

I had plans with this fabric.  I wanted a striped dress to wear with my Hunter Boots.  I had a look in mind, so I thought “why not just make it?”

And so I did.

Like my shirt, I just used an existing dress to make my pattern.  I always make it a bit bigger for my seam allowance as well as some extra room to work with.

After getting it cut out, I sewed it together.  I always just try it on and make adjustments from there.  I’ll have to show you this process sometime, cause it can be funny…

I decided the sleeves weren’t going to work so off they went.  I was a little bummed cause I wanted some flowy sleeves but I didn’t allow enough fabric for that.  Boo.  But next time I’ll know.  I also decided on a V neck since the last shirt I made was rounded.  Just for something different.   And I wish I would have gotten a pic of this.  To make the V neck I put the dress on and used blue painters tape (which has become a sewing staple for me, remember I used it here?) to mock up the neck.  Then I knew exactly where to make my cuts.  Worked beautifully.

I had to keep putting the dress on, make adjustments on length, etc and I was finished!

I can’t really say how long this took to make.  No more than a few hours.  But this is how I work…

I cut my pattern, sew it together.  Next I try it on and take some mental notes.  Then I leave it for a while and go do something else like laundry, TV, whatever.  I then put the dress back on and sew some of the adjustments.  Take it off, leave it, do something else.  I repeat this step a few more times until I am happy with the result.  Even when I’m finished I keep trying it to make sure I’m happy with it.  I think this keeps me from making mistakes.

Oh and the best news, it rained like crazy here today so I got to wear the new dress and my Hunter Boots!  Good Day!

What title would you have given this post today?  (Although I realize it’s hard to beat “I made this.”)





I Made Another Shirt

I promise if I continue to make clothes I will change the title.  I haven’t gotten any more creative than I Made a Bag, I Made a Scarf, and  I Made a Shirt

So as the title suggests, yep, I made another shirt.  Sewing something I can actually wear has not only been amazing, but addictive.  Now that I’m getting more comfortable with my machine and sewing, I constantly think about my next project.

I found this tutorial and this was my guide.  It’s from Make it-Love it, which has a ton of great ideas and tutorials.  Her directions are much better and more detailed than mine are about to be, so jump over there if you want good step-by-step instructions.

I’ll attempt to give you my run down though…

I bought this great fabric at Jo Ann’s.

It’s from April Johnston’s collection, and it’s just great.

I used an existing shirt, and cut out the shape a bit bigger than the shirt to give me some room for seam allowance and error….

Then I sewed it together.  Next, I cut a band of fabric for the bottom of the shirt.

It looks wide, but you fold it into itself to make the band.  I also cut the band a bit smaller than the bottom of the shirt because you want that to be smaller and a bit tighter. I sewed the sides together and had a tube.  Fold the tube in half and pin.

The next step was the most difficult part for me.  You slide the tube up around the bottom of the shirt, matching up the raw edges.  The problem for me was that the shirt was bigger than the tube so getting it just right, and the fabric smoothed out was difficult.  Pin and sew.

I guess I was concentrating too much, but I didn’t get too many pictures towards the end…

I used some bias tape to sew around the neckline.

And I sewed a nice edge on the arms.

And I created this…

(Kinda crazy hair huh?) Semi curly hair problems….

Anyway, I love it.  The fabric is a stretchy cotton type that feels so good.

What do you all think?

I know my next project is going to be a new makeup bag, and then I may make a skirt.  I also have some ideas on things I can do to some of my existing clothes.  Stay tuned!




Georgia On My Mind

We have our summer vacation booked to Tybee Island, and it can’t get here soon enough.  Kevin and I talk about it every day, and then when I talk to my sis, we also talk about it.  Therefore, I seriously have Georgia On My Mind.

I’ve also mentioned that I am dying to sew something, anything.  I’m so in love with sewing right now.

Let me note that I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, and I may have seen a similar project there.  Also I used this project as some inspiration.

First I sorted through my fabric, decided on this piece of gray, and printed out a map of Georgia.

I used the map as a guide to draw the map on the fabric.  I just use a pencil.

Then I sewed.

And then I made a heart.  You know, cause I love some Savannah/Tybee. (We were married there if you didn’t know…)

Ironed it, framed it.

I need to do a North Carolina one.  And possibly South Carolina since that is where we currently live…..

And in case you now have it going through your mind like I do, enjoy!



Driftwood Wreath

You all know I love my driftwood.  Remember my driftwood H? When we took our last trip to Tybee, Kevin and I went for a  walk on the beach/driftwood hunt. I always have a project in mind, this being the wreath.

So I started with my bag of driftwood.

And sorted through it to get some wreath worthy pieces.

I picked up this mdf circle at Michaels, (for around $3.00).

I placed the driftwood around to get an idea of where I wanted each piece to go.  From there I used my glue gun and started attaching driftwood to the circle, and driftwood to driftwood.

The driftwood doesn’t lay flay against the circle (which was a pain to secure).  You can’t see it from the front (yay) but you can from the side (boo).

I also made the bow from some leftover fabric. I wanted a rustic look.

I think I secretly want to decorate a beach house.  No, that’s no secret at all. And I want it to be my beach house.

I made the decision to keep this on the inside of the door.  I knew our hot southern temps in the summer would destroy the hot glue.  Plus, I like a wreath on the inside door…..

What type of wreath do you have on the outside?  I’m thinking of some ideas, since our outside door is still bare.  I even saw some tin monograms that I liked for the door, but I’m unsure.  I could always do the moss wreath again.

Oh, and if you missed it, I posted over at The Pink Growl, for my blog friend Nikki!


I Made a Shirt

Remember when I told you I met the fab April Johnston and I was inspired? Well, since then I’ve sat myself down in front of my sewing machine and sewed.  Sometimes I sit and look through my fabric with nothing in mind, but the point is I want to sew…something, anything.

I bought this great fabric from Jo Ann’s with a project in mind.

This is actually April’s fabric from her line at Jo Ann’s.  There are so many great ones to choose from…yay!

So I knew I wanted to make a flowy, sleeveless, open shirt. And let me state for the record that I’ve never made any type of garment.  I did make a bag, and sew this tree though.

I don’t have many pictures of my process, to be quite honest I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.  But I’m gonna tell you how I did it.  First I grabbed a shirt from my closet that I wanted to use as my guide.  I used this shirt to make a pattern.  ( I made a pattern from some tissue paper).  From there, I cut my fabric and started sewing.  I used my own body as a body form, (I really want to purchase a body form now), and kept trying on the shirt, pinning, cut, sewed, etc until I had the finished product.

(Sorry for all of the self portraits in the mirror, no one is ever home to snap a pic).

I actually wore the shirt today as a buttonless button down.  (Does that even make sense?)

Okay, so it’s so not perfect, and has a million flaws.  However, it made it through the day in one piece!

Who knows what I’m gonna attempt next, but all I want to do is sit at my machine and sew.  Plus, how great is it that I made something I can wear?

Oh, and I had a 40% off coupon, plus a 15% off teacher discount that I get with every purchase, so if I remember correctly,  I got 2 yards of fabric (that’s my go to amount so I have plenty) for around $9.00.  And I made a shirt!

Who wants a flowy, sleeveless, open, buttonless, button down, shirt? I can make you one…



Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Remember when my sister painted her kitchen cabinets?  Remember, she guest posted all about it.  Well, Kevin and I loved the look so much we decided to paint ours.  Our kitchen isn’t big by any stretch, but it’s the main focus of our house and we wanted to give it a bit of a facelift.  If you’re wanting to update a look, there is nothing easier or more affordable than a little paint.  It can be a bit time-consuming,, sometimes scary,  but so worth it.

We’ve been talking about painting for a while now but couldn’t decide on a color.  We finally decided on a gray, (my sis also painted hers gray so we knew it looked good).  Once at Lowe’s we grabbed a few paint swatches and finally decided on a color.  Turns out it was the exact same color my sister used….crazy huh?

Okay, so here are a few before pics…remember the kitchen is small so it is hard to get a span of the cabinets.

Before we began we had to clear the kitchen of everything…

Next we primed the cabinets.

And then painted.  We painted about 2 coats, and we didn’t remove the doors.  We may go back at some point and take the doors off and clean it up a bit, but it actually looks really good as is.

Okay, so next we added some hardware, which we love now that we have it.  This was another easy fix to add to our kitchen.

I’m loving how our white appliances look with the gray.  I was never a huge fan of the white until now.

That little man you see behind the flowers is our knife set.  You can buy yourself one here.

That’s the sign I made. I made it just like I made this canvas.

Well, that’s pretty much it.  We love it and it makes a huge difference in our kitchen.  We have a few more things on our list that we want to do so stay tuned.  Oh, and since this was successful, watch out bathrooms, you’re next!

Would you ever paint your cabinets?  What color?