These are tips I live by…

  • Never throw clothes or shoes away.  We all know they come back around.  Just store them away for a while if they take up space.  You will wear them again!
  • When it comes to fashion wear what you want and think looks good, (think Carrie Bradshaw form Sex and the City).  I used to worry about what people would think but I no longer care, and enjoy wearing something a bit out of the box.
  • Wear brown and black together…PLEASE
  • Spend money on accessories, shoes (duh), belts, scarves, costume jewelry, pins, these can completely change an outfit and save you a ton of dough.
  • Keep lip gloss in your car.
  • When you go out for date night or a night out with the girls carry a clutch or small purse instead of your big ol everyday bag.
  • Paint furniture!  This is so simple and can completely change the look of a drab piece.  I look for things to paint now!  Don’t be scared, DO IT!
  • Experiment with makeup,  remember looks and styles change, so should your routine.
  • Don’t buy trendy things.  That doesn’t mean not ever, but wait a while…make sure it sticks around.  (Think embellished jean pockets, or butt lifting tennis shoes)
  • Determine your own style.  It’s perfectly normal to like other styles, but it may not work for you.  Figure out what works best for your lifestyle, body type, and fashion sense.


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