What I miss about the mountains | Random

This past week I took a trip to visit my family.  I am from Bryson City, NC, right in the Great Smoky Mountains.  All of the family is there, and going back for a visit makes me realize just how different it is from Charlotte, and the things I miss.  I love Charlotte and my life is here, but I am very thankful to have a home in the mountains when I want.  The first thing I notice as I get close to my sister’s house is how green it it!  Beautiful!  My sister lives on top of a mountain by the way…

See all that kudzu?  Do you know what kudzu is?  Kudzu is a ground cover and is found everywhere in the mountains.  It grows at a fast rate and has been called “the vine that ate the south.”  See how it has taken over everything you see?  Here is a close up of a pretty little kudzu bloom.

Here is the view from my sister’s porch.  This is what you see all around you, nothing but green.  No houses…

but an occasional tractor.

My favorite thing to do is sit out on the porch and enjoy a drink together.  It gets cool at night which is so nice.  I wish I could record the sounds you hear of all the insects, and critters I know are out there!

Here is a tip from a mountain girl, if you see a mason jar with clear liquid in it, chances are it will NOT be water.

If you have a bit of a cough, this will fix you right up!

I really miss these girls.

Mistie, Allison, and my sister Kelly.  Oh and little Phoebe who ran into the picture last minute.  We have so much fun together, and I love spending time with them.  They are always there for me, and I miss them everyday.  Allison has the best personality of anyone you will meet.  She is hilarious, and is just fun to be around. She has been there for me through a lot!  I enjoy every second with her.  Mistie has a heart of gold.  She is a good person, also fun, and I know if I needed anything I could call her.  She made our wedding beautiful, and will always be in my life.  Kelly is just fun too.  There is no one I am closer to, who I can tell anything, and she will be honest.  Our personalities are very similar, so Kevin and her husband Barry love when we get going….

What I miss the most, and what motivates me to make trips home more than anything are these 3 loves of my life.

Sophie, who is Jesse’s twin sister, is the diva of the 3.  She is a fashionista at age 4, and will pick out clothes, refuse to wear clothes, and give her opinion on what you wear.  She is the best snuggler and loves to curl up with me.  She is tiny and eats all the time.  She likes bugs, and nail polish.  She rolls her eyes.

Jesse is Sophie’s twin brother, and is the sweetest 4 year old.  He is compassionate and is just a good boy.  He loves to laugh, play rough, and wipe off my kisses.  He says sorry, and takes care of his twin sister.  He loves Angry Birds, and will share the iPad with his sisters.

Phoebe is Jesse and Sophie’s big sister.  (Pictured here with her dog Candy Cane).  Phoebe has always had a love for animals and nature, and will have a career having something to do with animals.  She knows everything there is to know about animals, such as “a water buffalo can’t see to good.” I love conversations with her and love that she loves her Uncle Kevin so much.  Her first words to me were, “Is Uncle Kevin coming?”  She is amazing.

So I want to try to visit again soon, it is always hard leaving those kids.  I enjoy every second there, and miss my family everyday.  I told my mom that being away does make the relationships that much sweeter, so I am thankful for that.





4 thoughts on “What I miss about the mountains | Random

  1. Kara– don’t know what I’d do without you!! So blessed and thankful to have found such amazing friendship!! So…as Chuck says, when we hit the lottery we’ll all have a place in the mountains, a place at the beach and a place in Charlotte!!

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