Ottoman Re-Do

So I inherited this ottoman (Thanks Val)…

And couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!

I got some great fabric at Jo Ann’s and went to work.  The only things I used were my scissors and my upholstery staple gun.  Just like my last ottoman I didn’t measure a thing.  I just took off the top, decided how much material I would need and stapled away…

For the bottom I was worried.  I had to match up my fabric (the downside to getting prints) and figure out the best way wrap the fabric.  Turns out the bottom was really easy.  I took off the legs, figured out the fabric situation….without measuring, and wrapped.  I stapled on the inside and underside.  And then I had this!

It look great.  Now, if you take the top off it doesn’t look quite so professional…but who cares?

I love it!  I love the mix of textures it brings to our living room.

Anyone have an ottoman they need recovered?

Oh and btw, I only took off the fringe and piping from the original ottoman, I didn’t have to remove the existing fabric so that was nice.

Until next time!



April Johnston

I’ve been inspired…

This past weekend I met April Johnston, you know, contestant from season 8 Project Runway, as well as the most recent Project Runway All Stars.

Photo courtesy of Mangled Courtesan

She was doing an appearance at Jo Ann’s to introduce her fabric line.  It’s been in the store for a while, and it is amazing.  You should go check it out.  She also did a demonstration, which was really great to see her at work.  (Sure it’s not work to her).  April lives in Savannah, (another reason I’m a fan possibly?)  and designs in her studio there.  Dream job right?  I plan on dragging Kevin to find her studio next trip to Savannah.  I’m a fan of her design, and told Kevin just last night that I wish I could have had her make my wedding dress….not that I would have been able to do that, but how amazing would that have been?  Maybe another dress, another time.  Here are some of my favorite designs of hers…. (these are from Project Runway Spring 2011 Fashion Week )

These are from her clothing company Mangled Courtesan.

This Hurricane Dress is amazing…..

Now, you all know I am new to sewing, which is why April was so inspiring.  I realize she grew up sewing, went to school studying design, and oh yeah, was on 2 seasons of Project Runway, but she makes me want to keep sewing, and learn as much as possible.  I want to attempt more and not be afraid to completely mess it up.  So stay tuned as I continue to grow in my sewing endeavors.

And did I mention how friendly and sweet she was?  I think we could be friends.




March Stitch Fix

I love you Stitch Fix.  It’s been 2 months and I hope this doesn’t scare you away, but I am so in love…

So I got my latest Stitch Fix this week and it is perfect.  I love everything they sent me.  If you aren’t sure what Stitch Fix is go check out my last post to read all about it.  Basically, you pay $20.00 and they send you 5 items, clothes/accessories, and you keep what you want, send back what you don’t.  I love that you get to try it on in the privacy of your own home, and with your shoes, jeans, etc…

The $20 styling fee  serves as credit in your fix as long as at least one thing works out for you. You can schedule a Fix as often as you like with no monthly commitment, plus, shipping is always free!
These are my items….
And with each item they send you a style card with 2 ways to wear the piece.
Okay so now the decisions….I want to keep every single item, but my budget doesn’t allow me to do that.  I’m going to be strong and keep one item…and it is the black pleated skirt. I LOVE this thing.  And I actually asked them to send me pleats and they did!  Thanks Stitch Fix.  (I wore the skirt already and love it…did I mention that?)
You guys ready to get your fix on? It is so easy….just follow this link and you are on your way!

St. Patty’s Day Shirt

I’ve been known to wear a “holiday” shirt, but it normally isn’t my thing.  This year, however I decided to make one.  One that was cute, and still stylish…to me at least.  (Remember that’s one of my style rules, wear what you like and what you feel good in, who cares who looks you up and down…)

Anyway, I started with my materials. (No pic here, it messed up somehow)  A gray shirt, green felt, painters tape, Liquid Stitch, needle and thread.

Kinda giving away the end result, but I am making elbow patches for my shirt….

First I put the shirt on and used the tape to mark where my elbows were.

Next, instead of using pins (thought they would get in the way, I used some liquid stitch to keep the patch in place.

I love Liquid Stitch.  I completed this project, and this project using Liquid Stitch.

Next I sat in front of the TV and hand stitched around the patch.  I actually liked the handmade look it gave it. (Cause my hand stitching isn’t perfection let me tell you.)

And there you go!

Will you be celebrating St.Patrick’s Day?  We have dinner plans with friends Saturday night, and plan to cook up a big Irish feast of corned beef and cabbage tonight!!

Redneck Rumble

This past weekend we took a trip to Shiloh Plantation in Ehrhardt, South Carolina for the 2nd Annual Redneck Rumble.  This is a trip we take with a great group of friends and let me tell you, it is a blast!  It’s a bit different from our my day-to-day routine, however I look forward to the 3rd annual rumble….

First up, the cast of characters….

In no particular order, here are some of our activities…

We wore the same shirts,

Shot guns, shot skeet,

(The girls can shoot btw…)  I didn’t get a picture of us with the guns.  Boo.

We fished,

We took romantic boat rides,

Took a lot of random pictures,

We saw buffalo,

Rode ATV’s,

And killed a bear,

We also enjoyed sitting by the campfire, playing games by the moonlight, and just really enjoying each other.  I can’t wait to get my redneck on again next year!!


DIY Bench to Ottoman

I love seeing people (normally on Pinterest) upholster old benches or tables.  I love this because since I have started sewing, I love going to the fabric store.  The possibilities are endless on the look you would want to create.  Good thing we had this lying around.

We picked this up a while ago to set our chess set on…yeah, we play chess.  Kevin beats me every time.  I decided it needed a makeover.  I went to the fabric store and got this fabric.

(I got 2 yards, I wanted a lot because this was my first time attempting to do a project like this, thought I may mess up.)

And I got this foam batting.

My plan was to make a  slip cover for the bench.  Nope, I have never made a slip cover so this is how I decided to make it.

First I cut the foam to fit the table.  Then I layed the fabric over the table to measure/cut what I needed.

This was when I stared at the fabric trying to decide what to do next.  I realize I should have made the slip cover inside out…but I didn’t.  You see, I just jump in and sometimes get too anxious to think it through.  Anyway, I just started kinda gathering/folding the corners and started pinning them.

I did one corner at a time, and went to sew it.  This way I had a good fit all the way around.  Real technical…

You can see that it isn’t perfect, but pretty good for zero measuring, zero clue on what I was doing.

Next, I had a few boxes of these furniture nails from Lowe’s.

And started hammering them right into the table.  (Cue Mona running upstairs to avoid the hammering)

Again, I just eyeballed this.

And there it is.  I love the transformation, and it really wasn’t difficult.

Have you ever upholstered or slip covered something?  I would love to know, and get any tips for next time!

My Birthday…

I have to tell you about my birthday. I’m gonna give you a hint, it has something to do with red soles…
For my birthday Kevin made plans to take me to Ruth’s Chris. It’s probably one of my all time faves. This girl likes steak. Anyway, when he got home from work he had a birthday present, a French Roast coffee press. We’ve both wanted one for a while. Loved it. So once we got dressed we went to our 7:00 reservation. On the table at the restaurant was a wrapped present. This guy spoils me.
We had some bubs (which btw, champagne is quickly becoming my favorite drink) and our appetizer. He asked me if I wanted to open my present (that had been staring at me the whole time, and I did notice it was the size of a shoe box…) so obviously I said yes.
This is what I saw as I carefully took ripped the paper off…

Yep a Christian Louboutin box. Since we were in a public place I couldn’t have the reaction that I would have had at home, however my heart skipped a beat and I may have squealed.
And these beauties were inside.

I love them. And he picked them out with the thought that the shorter heel would allow me to wear them to work, or just wear them more often that I wear my other pair. I will for sure. I have been wearing them around the house to break them in. (Well, and maybe to just wear them.)

What a great night, what a great husband. He knows what I like. After a great night out we went home where he had 2 small cupcakes waiting.
Wonderful shoes aside, here is the thing about Kevin. He knows me well. He knows exactly what I need and when I need it. We have an unhappy date quickly approaching us, and there are certainly days where we both feel heartbroken and not quite ourselves. Kevin knows exactly how and when to reel me back in and refresh me with love and support. Simply giving me wonderful night out with some laughs and love was just the reminder I needed to kick me out of my funk. I really hope I do the same for him.
So, anyway, what do you think of my new addition?